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Nimerparts, more than 50 years in the sector


Our promise is to HELP our clients in all those needs and professional challenges that they pose to us, in an agil and profitable way, and that they feel satisfied with our solutions and our attitude.

Our Vision is REMAIN AND STRENGTHEN our relationship with the client based on our professionalism, training and experience.

Avanterra invests many resources in the training of its workers (in fact, it is a strategic pillar of the company), so that they can develop and provide the client with the greatest professionalism in all areas.
TEAMWORK would be the first value to highlight, without a team it is very difficult to move forward, if not impossible, integration into the different teams that already work in the company is essential to be able to deliver the best experience to the client in their interaction with Avanterra.


COMMUNICATION is crucial, we must encourage communication between colleagues in a frank and constructive way so that the different processes work smoothly and effectively.

Finally, QUALITY of the service we provide to the client must be at the same level or higher than that of the product itself.


NIMERPARTS was born to offer our clients all our spare parts services also in the online channel.
Nimerparts will allow you to acquire the spare parts that your machinery needs quickly and efficiently,
feeling accompanied throughout the purchase process, and solving your doubts wherever you are.
Here you can enjoy the service that characterizes Avanterra, without the need to go to one of our centers.


Nimerparts offers you: 

  • More than 50.000 references available in stock to receive them at your company or home in 24/48hours.
  • More than 50 spare parts professionals at your disposal to advise and guide you throught the purchase process.
  • Direct communication chats with each of our centers, so that you can decide who you want to talk to.
  • Direct access to more than 1.000 references with special discounts.
  • Direct access to a park of more than 100 units of used machinery.
  • Access and purchase of the first brands of Aperos.
  • Enjoy the service, help them efficiently with their needs and problems that may arise in all branches of our company: Agriculture, Golf, Green Spaces and precisión Agriculture.