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Avanterra Tech S.L. informs below of its personal privacy policy applied to the data.



  • NIF: B56768120.
  • Address: Avenida Gregorio Arcos, 46
  • Email: consultas@nimerparts.com


Depending on the products, services or functionalities that you want to enjoy at any time, we will need to process some data or others.  In general, said data will be, depending on the case, the following:

  • Your identification data: name, surname, NIF, NIE or passport, language, country from wich you interact with us, etc.
  • Contact information: telephone number, postal address, email, etc.
  • Economic and transactional information: Your payment or card details, information about your purchases, orders, returns….
  • Connection, geolocation and navigation data (in case you interect with us from your mobile, for example).
  • Data about your tastes and preferences.

Remember that, when we ask you to fill in your personal data to give you access to some functionality or service on the web, we will mark some fields as mandatory, since they are data that we need to be able to provide the service or give you access to the functionality in question.

Please, take note that, if you decide not to provide us with this information, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user or you may not be able to enjoy those services or features.


Depending on how you interact with our website, we will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For the development, compliance and execution of the Purchase Agreement.

This purpose includes the processing of your data mainly for:

Contact you in relation to updates or informative communications related to the products purchased, including sending quality surveys on the products supplied.

Manage the payment of the products you purchase, regardless of the payment method used.

Activate the necessary mechanisms in order to prevent potential fraud against you and against ourselves during the purchase process. If we consider that the operation may be fraudulent, this treatment may result in the blocking of the transaction.

Manage possible returns once you have made a purchase and manage requests for information on the availability of the different products.

Invoice and to make available to you the tickets, invoices and any other document proving the payment regarding the purchases you have made on our Platform.

  1. To attend to the requests or petitions that you make through the different means incorporated into our Platform.

We only process the personal data that is strictly necessary to manage or resolve your request.

  1. For your registration on the website.

In case you decide to register on our website, we need to process your data to identify you as a user of the same and give you access to its different functionalities, products and services that are available to you as registered user. You can cancel your registered user account by contacting us through our Customer Service department.

  1. Usability and quality analysis to improve our services (Cookies).

If you access our Platform, we inform you that we will process your browsing data for analytical and stalistical purposes, that is, to understand the way in wich users interact with our Platform and thus be able to introduce improvements to it. Likewise, on ocassion, we carry out quality actions and surveys aimed at finding out the degree of satisfaction of our customers and users and detecting those areas in wich you can improve.


The legal basis that allows us to treat your personal data also depends on the purpose for wich we treat them, in this way we will find different legal bases by virtue of the following purposes:

  1. Development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale.

The processing of your data is necessary for the execution of the sales contract that binds us to you. We understand that the processing of this data is positive for all the parties that intervine when the payment of a purchase is made and in particular for you, since it allows us to establish the appropriate measures in order to protect you against fraud attempts by third parties.

  1. Customer Service.

We consider that we have a legitimate interest in responding to the requests or queries that you submit to us through the various existing means of contact. We understand that the treatment of this data is also beneficial for you insofar as it allows us to be able to attend you properly and resolve the queries raised. When you contact us, in particular, for the management of incidents related to the product purchased through the Platform, the treatment is necessary for the execution of the sales contract. When your query is related to the exercise of the rights that we inform you about below, or with claims related to our products or services, what legitimizes us to process your data is the fulfillment of legal obligations on our part.

  1. For your registration on the website

The basis of legitimacy is the provision of your consent when you register on our website.

  1. Usability and quality analysis

We consider that we have a legitimate interest in analyzing the usability of the Platform and the degree of user satisfaction, since we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial for you because the purpose is to improve the user experience and offer a higher quality service.


  1. Development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale.

We will process your data for the time necessary to manage the purchase of the products or services you have purchased and subsequently the legally established deadlines for compliance with our tax obligations. On some occasions, we will only process some data until the moment you decide, as is the case of payment data (bank card) that you have asked us to store for possible future purchases.

  1. Customer Service.

We will treat your data for as long as necessary to meet your request.

  1. For your registration on the website.

We will process your data for as long as you remain a registered user (that is, until you decide to unsubscribe).


To fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary that we give access to your personal data to third parties that provide us with support in the services that we offer and that we detail below:


In addition, we inform you that we are present on the following social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, to keep our followers informed about the company´s news and services.

 You can access these social networks voluntarily and through the links available on the website itself or by accessing directly and on your own from the browser or installed app.

You should know that this website is not responsible for the use of data that these social networks can make. However, when this data is generated in the social network and derives from an interaction with our official account, we will be jointly responsible for the treatment together with the social network.

The creation of an account in a social network by this company does not mean that you must consent to the processing of data without first informing yourself of its scope.

In order to consent to our transfer from this website and the processing of your data, you must carefully read the privacy policy of the social network you wish to access:

In this way, before clicking on the logos of the social networks present on our website, you can inform yourself and carry out a redirection with prior knowledge of the processing of your data and on a voluntary basis.


We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal data and guaranteeing the exercise of your rights.

You can exercise them at no cost by sending us an email to our email address: consultas@nimerparts.com, simply indicating the reason for your request and the right you want to exercise.

In the event that we consider it necessary to be able to identify you, we may request a copy of a document proving your identity. In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis under wich we process your data, you have the right to:

Ask us for access to your data that we have.

Ask us to rectify the data we already have. Keep in mind that, by actively providing us with your personal data by any means, you guarantee that they are true and accurate and you agree to notify us of any changes or modifications to them.

Ask us to delete your data to the extent that they are no longer necessary for the purpose for wich we need to treat them as we have previously informed you, or to the extent that we no longer have the legitimacy to do so.

Ask us to limit the processing of your data, wich means that in certain cases you can ask us to temporarily suspend the processing of the data or to keep it beyond the necessary time when you may need it. If you have given us your consent for the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw it at any time.

Receive those personal data that concern you and that you have provided us, in a structured format, for common use and mechanical reading, as well as to transmit them to another data controller.

On the other hand, when the processing of your data is based on your legitimate interest, you will also have the right to oppose the processing of your data.

Finally, we inform you of your right to file a claim with the relevant data protection control authority, in particular, with the Spanish Data Protection Agency https://www.agpd.es/portalwebAGPD/index-ides-idphp.php.


We may modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when we deem it appropriate. In the event that we do so, we will notify you in different ways through the Platform, or even communicate it to your email address when the change in question is significant for your privacy, so that you can review the changes, evaluate them and, where appropriate, oppose or unsubscribe from any service or functionality.


We use cookies and similar devices to facilitate your navigation on the Platform, to know how you interact with us and, in certain cases, to be able to show you advertising based on your browsing habits. Please, read our Cookies Policy to learn more about the cookies and similar devices we use, their purpose and other information of interest.